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It sucks that was Adam’s last Glee episode. They’re gonna miss Elliott being around to make “WTF YOU KIDS ARE ALL CRAY” faces for the rest of us…

"a cool steampunk glitter rock vampire with tats and guyliner"

nailed it, Blaine. nailed it. XD

Almost nailed your accidental Bond audition, man. Almost.

And then that last one… XD

Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now, But I really need you near me to keep my mind off the edge.

Adam Lambert | performing ‘Barracuda’ on Glee.

Queen coming to Winnipeg’s MTS Centre - Manitoba - CBC News



Well, my deal is this. You guys are awesome. You’re good people, you’re talented, and you know what? So am I. So let’s not be these smiley frenemies that backstab each other. Let’s go out and kick some ass together.

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I’m a freak in the fondest way possible.

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